In 2014, Lizz Tsosie founded ButterMakesMeHappy, a small online boutique offering vibrant clothing & crafts, based out of Chicago. One day, her then-boyfriend Mike surprised her with a pair of hand-painted shoes that she absolutely adored. Recognizing their potential, Lizz decided to offer them in her shop & sell them for Mike. The shoes quickly became a best seller! As demand grew, Lizz decided to create shoe designs of her own. Soon the “wearable art” aspect of the business took center stage.

Fast forward 8.5 years later, Lizz & Mike, are now happily married living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin & have produced art for customers in all 50 states plus shipped to 43 countries & counting! Combining their creative personalities, the dynamic duo has served dozens of high profile clients, businesses, non-profits & over 11,000 incredible customers! Through their passion, love for art & dedication, they have built an enterprise that genuinely makes them happy.

Butter Makes Me Happy Owners Mike & Lizz Stachura surrounded by their hand painted shoes
ButterMakesMeHappy Owners Mike & Lizz Stachura. Milwaukee background. Chia James Photography

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