Please keep in mind my site is still with under construction. Check back before purchasing incase there was a change in FAQs you may have missed.

How Soon Will My Item Arrive?

Please read the item description & info on each listing for specific handling timeframe. I do have dozens of Ready To Ship items, but most of my shoes are put in my order list with an average turnaround time of 2-3 weeks. 

When ordering 2+ items with different turnaround times, your items will be mailed together at the latest ship date. For example, if you have 1 item that is Ready-To-Ship & a 2nd item with a 3 week wait, I will ship both items in 3 weeks. So, if you want item to ship sooner, it may be easier if you place 2 separate orders.


Are The Shoes Protected Against Water?

To ensure extra protection, shoes are sprayed with a water-resistant topcoat that protects paint from damage. I've had customers literally tell me they've gotten stuck in rain & their shoes held up perfectly.

This does not mean I recommend splashing in deep puddles or throwing them in the laundry, but I am confident spilling water or get trapped in the rain won’t harm your shoes.


Do You Allow Returns or Exchanges On Shoes?

Please, consider I’m just a small business & this is a hand-crafted item, which can take many hours or even days to complete, so I cannot offer returns or exchanges, unless there is an error made on my part.

I set all my orders up to be a positive experience, but mistakes can happen. If there are any errors made on my part, please contact me immediately. I will provide a shipping label, where I can fix or replace the item immediately. You will NOT have to wait the standard time frame a 2nd time.


What Size Should I Order?

90% of customers say Vans & TOMs run true. 5% say they run big. 5% say they run small. You'll need to decide if you're like the 90% or one of the 5%.

Most will agree Converse run 1/2 size bigger than normal.

BOTTOM LINE: You need to make this decision for yourself. You want these shoes to fit, right? Take some extra time to do some research. =) Measure your foot. Read their sizing charts online. Go into a store & try them on. Journey, Kohls & Famous Footwear usually carry most of these brands.


Do You Allow Rush Orders?

I'm extremely flexible with Rush Orders, as long as you communicate with me. Many times people have read the 2-3 week time frames & assume it'll be fine if they need the shoes in 4 weeks. But keep in mind, shoes (or other supplies I need to complete your order) can go out of stock for even longer. If I'm made aware of an upcoming deadline, I can do so much more to make it happen for you. 


Will Paying Extra For Shipping Speed Up The Process?

My shipping rates & timeframes do not include handling. For example, paying for 1-Day Express Shipping doesn't mean that if you place an order today, you'll receive it in 1 day. If you're item states there is a 2 week wait, it will ship in 2 weeks using a 1-Day Express shipping service.