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FREE Adorable 'Mini Shoes' in Box

FREE Adorable 'Mini Shoes' in Box

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Ordering online should never be scary. No matter where you live, ButterMakesMeHappy guarantees your order will deliver safe & reliably. We’re the custom shop with a heart! Not only does Butter take pride in our wearable artwork, but also in our customer service. We're a wife & husband ran, small business located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin – USA, creating order for over 10,000 happy customers in 43 countries & counting.

Worried your shoes won't arrive in time for a special gift? Give your loved one something to open & add a Ready-To-Ship Mini box to your order! We will ship a 3.5 x 3.5" box with a picture of the EXACT pair shoes you ordered & a note stating:

"Sorry for the tiny delay, but a bigger gift is on the way".

_____IS IT REALLY FREE?_____
Yes! As long as you order a pair of shoes with this mini box, we will ship it for free! 

If you are seeing this mini box option after placing your order, it's not too late! We just ask that you include your original order# in the notes during check out so we know what shoes to print for your mini box.

Will ship within 1 business day of ordering. Mailed USPS First Class with tracking. It generally takes 2-5 business days in the mail, but delays can occur especially during the holidays.


We understand that waiting isn't always ideal. That's why we've come up with 5 solutions to help get what you need sooner!

1. GIFT CARDS: Make shoe shopping easier by purchasing a gift card & let them order exactly what they want! 

2. READY-TO-SHIP SECTION: We have an entire section of Ready-To-Ship shoes within our shop. You could find exactly what you need!

3. FREE MINI BOX: We offer a FREE mini box with all orders. Just add it to your cart & we will ship within 1 business day.

4. LOOK AROUND: Not all listings have the exact same time frame. Look around & maybe you can find something that will ship sooner!

5. COMMUNICATE WITH US: Sometimes all you have to do is ask! For all you know we could have an open schedule or we're willing to squeeze it in earlier. Click the chat button & send us a message or visit our Rush Orders page! We'll see what we can do!


Searched our entire site & still can't find what you're envisioning? View our Custom Orders page to help bring your idea to life.



We understand that buying shoes online isn't always easy. ButterMakesMeHappy has created a sizing guide to help you purchase with confidence. 

•DON’T believe all shoe brands run the same.
-If you compare some of the top 10 shoe brands in the world, you will find that nearly all of them have different measurements. 
•DON’T assume all conversion charts are universal.
-A brand may say Women’s 9 = Men’s 7. While another brand may say Women’s 9 = Men’s 7.5
-A brand may say that UK 6 =US Women’s 8. While another brand may say UK Size 6= US Women’s 8.5.
•DON’T trust anyone’s judgement, but your own.
-The term “true-to-size” is outdated. You know how you like your shoes to fit more than anyone! Do you like your shoes to be loose? Do you like a tighter fit? At the end of the day, you know how you like shoes to fit more than anyone.

Sometimes snooping around a person's shoe closet isn't always option, try these tips.
Not, "size" but sizes! If they say they are a size 8, ask if they're more of a 7.5/8 or an 8/8.5.
gift card is the surest way for a guaranteed to fit. 
You're ready to purchase & don't want to wait! Order now, e-mail us the size later!
Nike Size Chart By ButterMakesMeHappy
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